Creative Brainstorms


Learn a new framework for leading creative brainstorms.

Take on creative brainstorms with Ashley Budd. Known for her creative and innovative marketing campaigns, Ashley is one of the most influential voices in education marketing and fundraising. In her inaugural creative leadership class, the author of the popular newsletter Ashley in Your Inbox teaches how she crafts creative marketing campaigns from online or in-person brainstorming sessions that remain timely and relevant.

Learn Ashley’s creative framework for developing ideas into marketing campaigns with strong structures and nuanced content strategies.

During the workshop, attendees will discover the key pillars of Ashley’s creative framework:

  1. Leveraging online tools: Learn how to harness the power of digital resources to streamline your creative process and foster collaboration, even in virtual settings.
  2. Creating audience mindsets: Understand the importance of getting into the minds of your audience and tailoring your ideas to meet their expectations and needs.
  3. Leaning on team member strengths: Ashley will share strategies for maximizing the potential of your team, ensuring that each member’s unique talents are utilized to the fullest.
  4. Bringing the fun: Discover how to inject creativity and enjoyment into online and in-person brainstorming sessions, making them not just productive but enjoyable, too.

With a track record of pioneering marketing campaigns that have left a mark, regular creative brainstorms will take you on a journey toward unlocking your full creative potential.

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