Email Marketing

Create emails that people want.

Each of us (easily) receives over one hundred emails each day. With all of this competition, how can you ensure your messages cut through the noise and get in front of your readers? In this workshop, you’ll see email examples with industry-leading open and click rates.

Learn how to curate quality content and boost engagement and conversions through high-performing call-to-action emails. People still read emails. But not the way you think. Ashley will teach you how to write subject lines, optimize links, and layout email copy so your message is received.

During the workshop, attendees will discover the keys to Ashley’s email success:

  1. Industry benchmarks: Learn how your email performance stacks up against industry peers, including non-profits, political campaigns, and industry news.
  2. Quality over quantity: Trust is your most valuable email asset. Ashley addresses authenticity, empathy, and logic in email campaigns.
  3. Frequency and consistency: The biggest challenge facing email marketers is getting in the inbox. Learn how to improve deliverability through consistency.
  4. Design considerations and more: Ask Ashley anything. She’ll provide recommendations for email templates that meet user expectations and needs.

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