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Are you looking for one-on-one professional development?

My coaching program starts with kickoff activities, including a discussion of professional and personal skills and values. In addition, we’ll cover coaching expectations, communication audiences, and use case prioritization.

I take time to deeply understand your professional goals and how they align with your organization, internal workflows, and your audiences. From here, we derive a clear list of professional development priorities and a path to success. I also explore technical requirements and constraints in your environment to ensure we have uncovered all of the sticky details and obstacles.

Follow-up sessions will cover content strategy and workflow discussions, communication exploration exercises, and a project management/process review. Sessions can evolve based on individual professional development needs.

The fundamental goal of this coaching program is to deliver education based on individual professional priorities and parameters. I build enough time for reflection and feedback while accommodating your team’s primary responsibilities and maintaining momentum.

By the conclusion of the coaching program, participants will understand how to:

  • leverage their unique skills and apply personal values
  • further develop an overall communication and content strategy
  • define guiding principles and desired experience attributes
  • manage the scope of content, campaigns, and related communications projects
  • work within technical and organizational standards and requirements
  • lead from their role in the organization

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I’m looking for 2-3 more coaching clients to work with this year. I’d love to hear more about your professional development goals.