Day of Giving Master Class


How to run a 24-hour online fundraising sprint

For project managers, communicators, fundraisers, creatives, and digital strategists.

The planning is a marathon: the execution, a sprint.
Get the most out of your next day of giving. These events have a lot of moving pieces. In this course, you’ll create a timeline for your work, start assigning key roles for staff members to play and review all of your possible technology needs. Plus, you’ll learn digital strategies from successful campaigns, including:

  • email segmentation
  • social media engagement
  • text messaging
  • online advertising
  • web content and user experience

Ashley Budd has more than five years of experience running complex, multi-channel giving day campaigns. To date, these campaigns have raised a combined $52M. An experienced facilitator, Ashley has been leading digital strategy workshops for nearly a decade.

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