Cornell Sesquicentennial

A unified engagement strategy and digital media campaign to celebrate 150 years of Cornell University.

Role: Digital Strategy, social media, photography

Raising awareness
I had the privilege to help design and execute elements of Cornell’s Sesquicentennial. It was a 16-month engagement campaign celebrating the university’s 150th year.

There are lots of things you can do to raise awareness about major events. For the Sesquicentennial, we used social media to generate as much Big Red buzz as possible.

We traveled to cities where Cornell alumni live and took over popular venues. Our first stop was New York City. Alumni gathered to ring in the closing bell at the NASDAQ. We plastered the Cornell 150 brand in Times Square. We lit up the Empire State Building red and white. Then, took over the plaza at the Today Show – landing us a short segment on the morning show.

As we traveled to other cities, we brought along our mascot for similar stunts. Cornellians loved seeing their alma mater juxtaposed in the places where they live. Photo shoots resulted in social media gold.

Each time we shared a fun social post, we raised the campaign’s profile. The posts helped spread the word about events taking place and how alumni could take part.