Four tips to get the most out of your next marketing campaign

1. Know your audience

Knowing your audience is critical to crafting a high-converting campaign. To get started, pin down their life stage and mindset. Tapping into what their day-to-day looks like will help you meet them where they are.

Next, get clear on what problems you can help solve and what your audience will gain by connecting with you instead of your competitors. If you could solve just one problem for your followers, what would it be?

The first leg of your campaign should be focused on organizing your audience and raising awareness about what you’d like them to do.

2. Take time to connect

Once you’ve got a clear picture of where your audience hangs out online, set aside a portion of time to connect with them there. Have conversations, listen to their pain points, and deliver value right back at them.

Lean on storytelling to show what you’re mission is and how it can make a difference in their lives. Set up a regular cadence of communication and get these folks ready to take action.

3. Drive engagement

Now that your audience is primed. They have the information they need about the campaign and believe that it is something they should participate in. They are ready to act.

The work you’ve done by driving awareness and connecting with your audience makes the engagement phase easy. Keep engagement actions clear and simple. Make it effortless for people to take the most important action in your campaign.

4. Keep going

It’s important to say thank you for any action, but it’s even more important to report back on that action. Tell a story about what has changed. What difference was made from the time before their engagement to now?

Recognizing your audience is a great way to keep communication lines open, build trust, and establish a lifelong relationship.